17 November 2008

Most Excellent New Publisher

Felony & Mayhem Press is a small, new publisher in New York. They are bringing back great classic mysteries, interesting foreign ones - never before published in the USA - and newer thrillers that just didn't get the attention they deserved.

Check them out.

No sales on the website, but the books are available at most local bookstores. Or you can ask your library to acquire them.


[In case you're interested, Elizabeth Ironside is my current favorite of their authors.]

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  1. They've been around for a few years, but are just now really getting their website up to speed. I love them because they are reprinting some classic authors who should have wider audiences today - Margery Allingham, Edmund Crispin, Elizabeth Daly, etc. They also publish newer books of an equally high standard. As you say, they are very much worth checking out.

    Les Blatt


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