29 July 2009



Really, I'm not kidding. I've been struggling with getting a small job done for nearly a month!

Try to get help online? Website's online chat and their "problem ticket" features do not work with Firefox, Safari or Opera browsers.

Call them? Listen to a recording about their "fast production" and "great customer service". Generously, the cust service person who promised the matter would be addressed immediately (read: NEVER), gave me her extension. Surprise: it goes to... another recording... and advice to use the website (see previous paragraph).

Here's my experience:

  • Small t-shirt printing job (I never send large jobs to untested printers. Guess these clowns failed my test.)
  • Submitted job online, will all artwork, on July 3rd.
  • Job didn't even get to art dept for 10 days.
  • I'm told there was no problem w/ the files, just no work on the job.
Think I'm exaggerating? Check out the screen-shot, below, from July 29th. This comes directly from their website. Note the status in the red box (box is mine).

  • Order was submitted on July 3rd, but nothing happened until the 10th. 7 days?!
  • Art department took until the 21st to approve the press-ready image with no changes. 8 days?!
  • Forwarded to Pen Production? These are t-shirts. 1 more day.
  • Someone noticed that t-shirts aren't pens and sent the job to production, the same day. But wait...
  • That was July 22nd, 7 days ago. No update, no information, no action, though I've called (see website problem) again and again.
Am I too critical? The DiscountMugs.com website says it's processing is estimated to be 6-10 days. But after 26 days, they haven't even started!

Bottom Line:

Noting printed.
26 days lost.
I have to eat the cost of a rush job at a real printer.
Endless wasted hours trying to get DiscountMugs.com to respond.
My end customer is not unhappy.
AND they won't issue a refund!

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