12 July 2012

Freeh Report re: Sandusky & Penn State

The Freeh report is out and I applaud Penn State Trustees for releasing it to the public.  That's more like transparency, particularly as the report is quite critical of the Board.

Speaking of Boards of Trustees, transparency and childhood sexual abuse ...

How about the Board of Trustees of the Horace Mann School?

It is always good to learn from one's mistakes and from those of others.  Here is an excellent lesson for Horace Mann's Trustees:  
In 1998 and 2001, the Board of Trustees failed to exercise its oversight and reasonable inquiry procedures.

After the Sandusky investigation became publicly known in late March 2011, the Board did not independently assess this information or further inquire, up to and including the May 12, 2011 Board meeting.
Today, a group of more than 20 survivors of sexual abuse at Horace Mann published their second letter to that school's Trustees.  Their first letter of June 21st received no response.

    To: Board of Trustees of the Horace Mann School

           Don't make the same mistakes.

From the Freeh Report: Key Findings re: Penn State's Board of Trustees

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