20 April 2009

Karin Alvtegen in Chicago 23-24 April

Karin Alvtegen's novel, Missing, has been nominated for 2009 Edgar Prize for Best Novel by the Mystery Writers of America.

Missing was re-issued by New York publisher, Felony & Mayhem Press (Village Voice and my favorite small press).

In honor of the award nomination, Alvtegen is doing a US tour which begins this week in Chicago. I'm looking for more info, but here's what I have so far:
  • April 23, Chicago: Event that evening at the Swedish-American Museum 7pm @ 5211 N. Clark Street Chicago, IL 60640 / 773-728-8111 / www.samac.org
  • April 24, Hyde Park: Event at Barbara's Bookstore
After Chicago, she's off to Houston, then New York for the Edgars.

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  1. More info on the Swedish-American Museum event from rec.arts.mystery discussion group.


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