25 April 2009

Swedish-American Museum of Chicago

I attended the Karin Alvtegen reading Chicago last Thursday night. She is not only an engaging author, but also a compelling speaker. Check her out if you're in Houston or New York over the next few days.

The event was at the Swedish-American Museum on North Clark Street. in Andersonville. I don't know how I missed this gem of a cultural center. Not only do they house a children's museum, Swedish library, community center, meeting rooms and a well-stocked gift shop, but the newly redecorated first floor houses an airy gallery which is currently showing paintings of Swedish-born artist Katarina Jönsson Söderberg.

Thoughts on the Söderberg exhibit: If you are not excited by coastal scenes or fashion-inspired dance images, go strait to the back of the gallery and focus on the smaller, more-roughly rendered paintings of resting ballerinas. All of the paintings are worth a view, but focus on the small ones in the back. They're my favorites.

Visit this place. It's interesting, welcoming, and a lovely place to wander. See you there.

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