27 January 2012

Gratitude Challenge: 5 minutes for wonderful things

5 minutes for wonderful things now?  Often, timing is everything.

An hour ago, I’d have whined that 5 minutes isn’t enough.  Now, though, I’m quite frustrated with one of those things I value most.  (Perhaps a younger family member?)  So 5 minutes doesn’t seem quite so unreasonable. 

Assignment is to avoid longing for what I don’t possess, so well-behaved teenagers is out.  Too bad.  Best appreciate that I have them to annoy me.  Better than not, I know.  Still, I will be angry right now.  Not that it makes me ungrateful.  I’m grateful for even the most frustrating teenagers, but they’re still frustrating.

On to the real assignment
:  5 minutes on wonderful things
  • I have my family.  Imperfect, but here, thankfully. 
  • I have my home, my possessions, right where I left them … sometimes. 
  • Time each day to do some of the things I plan and plenty things left to do tomorrow.
  • Electricity, nearly always.  And on the rare occasions when it goes out, I have quiet.
  • Books: in my home, office, library, everywhere.  Audio books that travel with me even when I’m not looking.
  • Dogs.
  • Bubble water (aka, seltzer) when you’re really tired.
  • Exploring in darkness after a snowstorm, not too far from the safety of home.  The unusual cold, crunchy quiet that oddly makes me laugh.
This ‘Gratitude Challenge’ is funny.  Wonderful things? What makes something wonderful?  And even then, can those wonderful things be cataloged in 5 minutes?  On further though, wonderful things probably can’t be cataloged at all.

Reflecting on the exercise: Wonderful experience? Nope.  But fun, pleasant, a little chore that feels nice.  I think I’ll keep going.


  1. Marg, I really love your Gratitude Challenge. This is an extremely difficult time as you know, but your blog has inspired me to restart my gratitude journal. Your light shines in ways you don't even know!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Amy. You are such a hero! Keep taking care of yourself, keep getting better, keep sharing your wonderful humor, and keep up the super-star breathing (I saw your FB note about the accomplishment :-)

  3. I enjoyed this post. :) Much love. LZ


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