26 January 2012

Gratitude Challenge: NEGATIVE things to appreciate

Couldn't be easier. The worst experiences remind me of why life ultimately is okay ... So far.

Fortunately, I've been lucky, learned, come out better, etc., from my worst times ... so far.

My first 'gratitude list' was a few years ago when I was ill. I thought of it as a sad little list of the few things about cancer i could 'pretend' are good. It was recommended to improve my spirits. Surprisingly, mine was a very long list.

When someone you love has cancer, nothing is right. However when *you* have cancer - though it sucks - there are so many things to appreciate and enjoy.

Not sure? Perhaps I'm wearing ultra rosy glasses? I don't think so, but who knows?

Kindness of strangers
Jelly beans - the 'gourmet' ones
Water, in very clean cups
Oncology nurses
Clean towels
Baldness in hot weather
Soft hats when it's cold
Netflix & Audible entertainment
Enjoying novels I've read before (but can't recall through chemo fuzzies)
Telephone, when I want company. Answering machine, when I don't.
Microwave to re-heat meals I want to eat ... later

This is only a partial list. I have so many more. We all do.

The point: cancer is good? NO WAY.

The real point: sometimes it's better after the very-bad stuff. Perhaps, often?

Over time many of the things that were/are bad ... they look different, they show us better things, experiences grows us, crap highlights beauty ... when you feel your worst, sometimes a pillow brings greatest comfort.

... and if not ... I pray that something on *your* list does the trick.


  1. Some very brave and beautiful thoughts here. Yes, i guess there is nothing like facing cancer , and returning...and realizing that truly, and above all cliches, that each day is a gift. I also love your recounting of the little things that we take for granted and which must have seemed so wonderful at the precise moment when you needed them...the cotton, the clean glass of water.. Thank you for this one.

  2. For me, since I had to learn to walk again after my long medically induced nap, all I have to do is look in the mirror. There are my legs - standing straight up with no help. They can even move around! It never ceases to amaze me.


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